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The Best Gifts for A Bachelorette Party

The Best Gifts for A Bachelorette Party

10 minute read

The Best Gifts for A Bachelorette Party
Are you thinking about planning a bachelorette party and need gift ideas for the bride? If so, you have come to the right place. Having a bachelorette party is a well-known tradition where the bride celebrates with her bridesmaids before the wedding day. The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids choose a place to go and let loose before tying the knot. It is common for the bride to receive gifts from her bridesmaids and maid of honor at the bachelorette party. This is a way of saying good luck, congratulations, and we are so happy for you! In this article, we will go over the best gifts for a bachelorette party for you to consider. Whether you are looking for something stylish, cute, or meaningful, Heather and Willow have you covered!

Best Gifts for a Bachelorette Party

Besides the people getting married, the maid of honor and bridesmaids are the most important people on the wedding day. As the maid of honor or bridesmaid, you have been chosen to stand with the bride on her big day, help her get ready, and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. With that being said, most maid of honors and bridesmaids spend a lot of time searching for a perfect bachelorette party gift for the bride because they want it to be something that she will treasure for the rest of her life. However, there are so many great gift options out there, so it can be difficult to know where to even begin with your search. From unique and experiential gifts to stylish and meaningful gifts, here is our list of the best gifts for a bachelorette party.

Unique and Experiential Gifts for Bachelorette Party:

Unique and experiential gifts can accompany physical gifts. These are great gifts that you can write on a sheet of paper and place in a gift basket, package, or with a bottle of wine. When you give a bride-to-be a unique and experiential gift, she will know that you put a lot of thought into it. She will also be very excited for what you have planned, and this will give her some time away from thinking and stressing about the wedding. Below are a few examples of what a unique and experiential gift may include:

The Best Gift for a Bachelorette Party: Tickets to an Event

Tickets to an event

You can purchase tickets to a special event that will take place before or after the wedding. You can let her know if you plan to attend the event with her or if it is for her and her significant other to enjoy. Some ideas of events that are great options for a bride-to-be are the movies, a Broadway show, a major league game, a concert, or a local play. Think hard about what she is into and if she would prefer to go with friends, family, or her partner.

Book a day at the spa or a massage appointment

Whether before or after the wedding, the bride-to-be can definitely use a day at the spa or a massage appointment. This will help her relieve some stress and take time for self-care and pampering for a few hours. All girls enjoy manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with this gift!

Wine Tasting Class, Cooking Class, or Painting Class

If you want to come up with something fun and entertaining for you two to do together, you can book the bride-to-be a wine-tasting class, cooking class, or painting class. You both can spend time together, talk about the big day, learn a new hobby, and take photos of the fun time you had.

Stylish and Cute Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas:

Who doesn’t love stylish and cute items to wear and display for the world to see that they are getting married? Stylish and cute bachelorette gifts are a great way for the bride to show off her big day, take photos, and celebrate her new bride title with her best pals. The following are several cute and stylish bachelorette gift ideas to consider:

Bridal Robe

These robes are comfy, soft, and flashy. The bride will love to walk around in her robe on her wedding day and every day after to show that she is newly married. These gorgeous robes are made of 100 percent silk satin fabric and have tie closures. On the back of the robe, it will say Bride in bold letters.

Bride Slippers

The bride slippers are a great gift to give separately or to pair with the bridal robe. These slippers are adorable, soft, and feel like you are walking on air. They are a great accessory for photos before the wedding. On each slipper, the word Bride is embroidered in an elegant way.

Wine Tumbler

When someone brings out the wine, it is usually for a celebration. Therefore, it is time to bring out the wine for the bride-to-be's wedding day! Gift her with a bottle of wine and a 12-ounce wine tumbler that she can pour her wine in and drink in style. This cup is insulated and can keep your drink cold for up to five hours and hot for up to three hours.

Champagne Tumbler

Champagne is another conversation starter at the bachelorette party, so why not gift the bride-to-be with a cute champagne tumbler? It can hold six ounces of champagne and is spill proof and shatterproof, making it easy to use by the pool, beach, or lake.

Bride to Be Skinny Tumbler

Another trendy cup that is a must-have for the bride is the Bride to Be Skinny Tumbler. This 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler is perfect for photos at the bachelorette party as well as the wedding. Just add a straw, and the bride is ready for a fun night of drinks, laughs, and conversations with her best friends!

Bride Sash

When a bride is getting married, one of the most sought-after gifts is a bride sash. Everyone wants their friend to wear a bride-to-be sash that shows off that they are getting married. The goal of this gift is to bring attention to the bride and celebrate her all night long. Therefore, you should consider purchasing this rose gold glitter bride sash. It is double-layered, cute, and can last as long as you need it. After the party, the bride can store it away with her other wedding celebration memories.

Meaningful Bridal Bachelorette Gifts:

Meaningful bridal bachelorette gifts are items that have a lot of meaning behind them. You can include a meaningful gift with a stylish gift or an experiential gift. When the bride sees your meaningful gift, she will be reminded of your love, gratitude, and presence in her life. The gift will not only have meaning at that moment, but it will be something that she holds onto for the rest of her life. Below, we will tell you a few meaningful gifts to give at a bachelorette party.


Jewelry is a great gift to give a bride before her wedding day. She can wear it on her big day or any other day to remember that her best friend gave it to her. This can be earrings, necklaces, or a bracelet.


After the wedding day, the bride may want to try out new recipes with her significant other. Therefore, a cookbook is a wonderful gift idea. You can find cookbooks with easy recipes that will whip up a good meal within minutes!


A personalized watch is a gift that will bring back memories every time the bride looks at it. You can have her wedding date, new initials, or a special message engraved on it. She will treasure this for years to come and use it to complement her outfits or to simply check the time.

Wine chiller

For the bride who loves to party, you can gift her a wine chiller. This will help her keep the drinks you purchased to go along with the tumblers cold for hours. She can use this for the bachelorette party, wedding day, reception, and many other future events.

Our Overall Bachelorette Party Gift Recommendation

Heather and Willow’s top pick for a bachelorette party gift is to create a gift basket. Choose a few different gifts, both big and small, that you love for the bride-to-be. Then, place them all into a gift basket for her to open and look at everything. She will see that you put a lot of thought into her gift and will cherish every item you gave her.

What's A Bridesmaid Reveal and Should You Have One?

A bridesmaid reveal is when you pick friends and loved ones to be your bridesmaids and reveal who you have chosen. This event usually occurs before the bachelorette party and is the start of the wedding festivities and celebrations. You can provide each bridesmaid with a gift, such as a bride tribe bags, bride tribe sunglasses, bridesmaid proposal cards, bridesmaid robes, and more. This is the chance for the bride to make her maid of honor and bridesmaids feel special by showing her appreciation for them and choosing them to stand by her on her one special day.
A bridesmaid reveal isn't necessary, but it is a fun event that has become trendy in recent years. There are other ways for you to propose to your bridesmaids and show your appreciation to them. If you do not want to host a big event, you can do things in a more private way. Just don't forget to include gifts that will make popping the question more meaningful!


We hope you were able to find our list of bachelorette gifts helpful and informative! Regardless of what you decide to give the bride at her bachelorette party, focus on what she likes, enjoys, and will ultimately use. As her maid of honor or bridesmaid, you know her more than anyone, so you cannot go wrong on this choice! Whether it is fun, meaningful, or stylish, she will appreciate the time and effort you spent on her gift. All that matters is that you show her you care, are happy for her, and cannot wait to celebrate her on her upcoming wedding day!

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