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Heather & Willow

Bridesmaids Diamond Pens (White) | Set of 8

  • ğŸ’ŽÂ  CUTE & INEXPENSIVE GIFTS - These cute diamond pens are inexpensive and can be used for your bridal shower favors & games. Diamond Pens make *the cutest* bachelorette or bridal shower favors!
  • ğŸ’ŽÂ  CUTE PACKAGING: Each pen comes with its own cute gift box with the sticker "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?". Ready to put in each bridesmaid proposal box!
  • ğŸ’ŽÂ  FLAWLESSLY BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND - The pens come in metallic colors with a large acrylic diamond-shaped top - add them to your gift packages or use them as bridal shower favors!
  • ğŸ’ŽÂ  PRESENT YOUR PROPOSAL BOX - The beautiful diamond adds elegance and color to perfect your bridesmaid proposal box. Show your appreciation to your bride tribe!
  • The package includes 8 pens with 1 "Bride" and 7 "Bride Tribe" prints. Each pen comes with its own box. Pen size: 5.5 x 0.3 inch, diamond diameter is 0.8 inch.

Bridesmaids Diamond Pens (White) | Set of 8