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Heather and Willow Influencer Program

Thank you for your interest in the Heather and Willow Influencer Program. We are so excited to work with you! 

We are currently looking for influencers to join our Tier 1 Influencer Program!

Here is a breakdown of our Tier 1 Influencer Program: 

What Tier 1 influencer provide:

  • At least 1 image post/story tagging Heather and Willow on Instagram
  • At least 1 video post/story tagging Heather and Willow 

What Tier 1 influencer will receive:

  • 2 free products:
    • BRIDE option (sash & tumblr)
    • BRIDE TRIBE option (Bride Tumblr & Bride Tribe Tumbler)
  • Introduction on our H&W Bridal Instagram Story

As we continue to work together, we would also love to grow our partnership and promote you to a Tier 2 Influencer! At this level, we can provide you with more products and offers for you and your followers!

We encourage the use of the Amazon Affiliates Program and would love to have our products featured as one of your affiliated links. 

Please be advised that Heather and Willow has no affiliation with Amazon Affiliates and cannot help with this setup if you are not currently an Affiliates user. 

If you would like to continue with the Influencer Program, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, we will register you as an influencer in our Influencer Program and send you a code you can use to redeem your products from our website!